WHEA Strongman/woman World Records

The events must be done in WHEA sanctioned events, with WHEA event and equipment rules in use and the records must be approved by WHEA educated referee.

Log lift max:

N-55      50kg/Emilia VIhantola, FIN 2018         M-70  95kg/Markus Kotila, FIN 2019

N-65      76kg/Sari Paukkunen,FIN 2019         M-85 130kg/ Eemeli Majamaa, FIN 2019

N-75      76kg/Kirsi Järvi, FIN 2015                    M-100 140kg Jarno Leppämäki, FIN 2019

N-75+    90kg/Rebecca Roberts, UK 2018        M-100+ 155kg/Niko Vesterinen, FIN 2016

Deadlift max:

N-55         160kg/Hanna Seppä,FIN 2019      M-70 220kg Teemu Sivonen, FIN 2018

N-65         160kg/Sari Paukkunen,FIN 2018      M-85  260kg/Toni Väisänen, FIN 2018

N-75         185kg/Caitlin Duguid, UK               M-100  270kg/Antti Kemppainen, FIN 2019

N-75+       227,5kg/Rebecca Roberts;UK 2018    M-100+ 370kg/Jesse Matilainen, FIN 2018


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