Diamondgirl™ is a new kind of competition, where we are seeking naturally muscular and strong woman, who has diamond tough ability to perform.

In the "Toughness round", where the athletes are doing four physical events the points are given by the placings on each event:

  1. Clean and overhead lift with 80% bodyweight. Max reps in 2 minutes.
  2. Deadlift, 120 % bodyweight, max reps in 2 minutes. (no sumo, no suits, belt and straps allowed).
  3. Hanging from the bar with 12kg Bunda-weights in legs for max time (revolving powerlifting bar).
  4. Indoor rowing - max distance in 2 minutes.

The weight-in is with competition clothes in the competition meeting 120 min before the competition.

Regular Chalk is allowed in all toughess events. 

The winner of the competition is gets a diamond and the top3 is getting trophies and product awards.

Athletes competing must be WHEA members with signed anti-doping contract no later than 3 months prior the competition. 

The association also updates records for the events - the current records are stated below:

Clean and overhead lift: 12 reps Maria Juvas 12.10.2016.

Deadlift: 44 reps Maiju Rönkkö 9.9.2017

Hanging: 79,18 sek. Maria Juvas 9.9.2017

Indoor rowing: 563 metriä, Merita Marin 9.9.2017


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