Tiistai 31.10.2023

CANADA joins to WHEA actions for 2022!

WHEA actions in CANADA starting for 2022!

Newfoundland & Labrador Strength Records Committee (NLSRC) and WHEA have signed a contract and starting from 2022 forward NLSRC organzises WHEA Canadian championships for strongmen and women and the competition is a qualifier for WHEA Strongman/woman World Championships yearly.

The athletes need to commit to WHEA anti-doping contract in minimum of 3 months prior their first competition and after that thea anti-doping going is valid on going, so the athletes can be doping tested where ever, when ever, without pre-notice.

NLSRC has a history of organizing numerous strongman competitions under doping testing and WHEA is happy to welcome them to the action.

Here is the info page for Canadian athletes:







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