Maanantai 31.05.2021

Effetct of Corona-virus to the events?


Please remember to take care of your hand hygiene!

WHEA has noted the world wide problems to several large events and other actions caused by the corona-virus.

The plan is to run all WHEA events as stated in the competition calendar, but if some event is needed to cancel or move to other date due public officials command, then naturally nothing else can be done than cancel the event or move it to other date (and perhaps location) if possible.

WHEA or its international/national partners are not taking any occypy about the expenses of the ahtletes/crowd, which are a result of cancellation of the event due public officials command or similar reason.

When booking competition trips or accommadation, please see the terms concerning payback if the travaling is terminated.

Each of us can also help, that as many event as possible is happening on time - please take good care of your hand hygiene and do not take part to any happening, if you are not healthy.

WHEA will reserve hand desinfection lotions to it´s event and the athletes are demanded to use it. WHEA also remommends all team members, gyms and studios to enchance actions concerning hand hygiene.





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