World Heavy Events Association organizes happenings and competitions for many events. It also offer the choice of co-operation for other special events to organize their action under the Clean Sport principles via World Heavy Events Association.

The competitions under WHEA jurisdiction along with the happenings of our co-operators via WHEA are committed to the anti-doping work as our other events, too and the athletes are under the anti-doping contract in the competitions, as well as in the training season.


In Grip Events the athletes grip and finger power is measured with multiple events like thick axle lifts as max or repetations, time holds and different kind of pinch and block lifts along with the legendary one arm deadlift.

WHEA competitions are having the following classes: Women: -72kg and Open, Men: -83kg, -93kg and Open. Masters over 50 yrs are having own class also for men and women, but currently without weight classes. 

WHEA regocnizes national and World records under the doping monitored competitions. The events, rules and current records can be found via this link during Spring 2017.

US World Grip Championships have been organized since 2015 and it is the World Championships competition in grip sports under the anti-doping program. 

If your country don´t have national qualifier for the World Championships, you may apply a spot directly from WHEA if you are a member and have signed the anti-doping contract latest on 10th, June 2017.

Here´s the link to the FB-event!


Saana Hillrace is a competition, which heritages Scottish origins in Kilpisjärvi which is called the "Highlands of Finland" The event includes separately uphill running contest to the top of the most well known fjell in Finland and promotional Highland Games event. Please see the fb-event here!


A version for men from Diamondgirl™ - competition. 

In the "Toughness round", where the athletes are doing four physical events the points are given by the placings on each event:

  1. Clean and overhead lift with 80% bodyweight. Max reps in 2 minutes.
  2. Deadlift, 120 % bodyweight, max reps in 2 minutes. (no sumo, no suits, belt and straps allowed).
  3. Hanging from the bar with 12kg Bunda-weights in legs for max time (revolving powerlifting bar).
  4. Indoor rowing - max distance in 2 minutes.

The weight-in is with competition clothes in the competition meeting 120 min before the competition.

Regular Chalk is allowed in all toughess events. 

The winner of the competition is gets a diamond and the top3 is getting trophies and product awards.

Athletes competing must be WHEA members with signed anti-doping contract no later than 3 months prior the competition. 

The association also updates records for the events

The first event will be held at Pure Power™ event in Hämeenlinna, Finland 13th, Oct. 2018.


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