You can apply official membership (competitor-membership) to World Heavy Events Association by paying the yearly membership-fee (license) based on the information below along with sending the receipt about the payment via email to Please attach the following info to the receipt (or send it in another email): Full name, address, birthday (ID-code or passport number), phone, email.

Please note, that the anti-doping contracts are send out once a week.

After the application arrives, the applicator gets the anti-doping contract for electric signing. The competitor-member need tosign the contract during 14 days of the arrival. The signing confirms the membership.

Anti-doping contract bases on WADA´s CODE, along with FINADA and World Heavy Events Association rules as stated in the association anti-doping program. After receiving the anti-doping contract the association confirms the membership to the applicator. If the applicator is not returning the contract, the application is concidered cancelled 15 days after the contract has been sent and in this case the paid fee is not returned. The anti-doping contract is valid until another party terminates it. The contract allows doping-testing even the membership fee is not paid.

By the rules of the association, the board approves the members. If the board is not accepting the memberships due some other reason, than not returning the anti-doping contract the paid fee is returned to the applicator.

The membership is valid as long as the member pays the yearly membership fee and he/she has valid anti-doping contract with the association unless the member terminates it or the association terminates as it due the reasons stated in the rules.

The criterias of accepted person´s for competitor-membership are stated in the association rules.
The competitor-member has the right to compete in all competitions under the association jurisdiction, if he/she has paid the competition fee and his/her membership and anti-doping contract are valid during the competition also and he/she fullfills the requirements of the mentioned competition/class (sex, weight class, age etc).
The spots to international competitions are reached by the rules of the association and during the competitions the membership along with anti-doping contract has to be valid also.

The association aims to find benefits to its members from gears, travels, insurances etc, but there is no insurance included to the memberships, so each member competes with his/her own personal risk and with own personal insurance.


Any private person, company or other community may start as support-member with the fees mentioned below.eos. The association aims to find benefits to its members from gears, travels, insurances etc
Support-member don´t have the right to compete in the competitions under the association´s jurisdiction and they don´t have the voting right in the association meetings.

Yearly fees:


International Competitor-member (license for athletes other countries than Finland) 50€

International Competitor-Junior-member under 18 yrs (license for other countries than Finland) 30€

No entry fees in WHEA world championships competitions 2023 for athletes.

If the association board is not accepting the supporter as member, the fee is returned.

For membership - please follow the instructions below:

Go to

1. Choose you language from the upper part of the page.
2. Register with your email or mobile phone number.
3. After register process, log in to Suomisport:
- choose purchase license.
- select the license for yourself (select sport: World Heavy Events Association, license: WHEA athlete license (athletes outside of Finland).
- for club, choose WHEA
- no insurance
- review
- proceed to payment.

4. Once the payment is completed, you have the license.
If you are new member, you will receive (during 7 days) the signing link for the anti-doping contract.

5. As an old member, after payment you are ready for the action for the licence year. For a new member - after signing the anti-doping contract you are ready once the 3 months time has passed from the signing. (the license year is calendar year and the license must be renewed until 31st, Jan. each year).

For the future, we will use this system for our membership info emailing etc and all the entries to the competition will be done via the system.
There's also a mobile app for the system, but currently you need to do the purchases via computer.


In co-operation