World Heavy Events Association 

The purpose of the association is to forward, guide and develop the popularity of different strength events, expand them as a hobby along with competition actions locally, nationally and internationally.

To forward interest towards health by doing anti-doping work in strength events, offering opportunities to train and compete in strength events without performance encharging and other drugs.

World Heavy Events Association organizes official World Championships for strongman and strongwoman in different weight- and age-categories along with other international strength events. Please see more from the event sub-pages.







All athletes in WHEA events must be association members with signed anti-doping contract no later, than three months prior the event.

WHEA is the first strongman/woman competition organizer in the world which is following WADA´s CODE and have anti-doping program along with doping monitoring in and out of competitions.

Via the anti-doping contract the athletes are committing to Wada rules and international standards along with WHEA and NADO rules and via the contract they give permission to be doping-tested where ever, when ever, without pre notice by the monitoring officials.

WHEA has co-operation with FINADA, INADO and several other anti-doping organizations along with different sports organizations. WHEA is also a member of Finnish Olympic Committee.

WHEA was build up 2014 by the Chairman Jyrki Rantanen and the association started 1st, Jan.2015 the competition actions under the anti-doping surveillance.

WHEA is the government body for the events it represent in doping-tested categories. The happenings under the association jurisdiction are organized in co-operation with the national federations, local and outsider organizers which are committed to the association rules and principles.

The association goal it to act as a pioneer of anti-doping work in the events it represent.

The association´s supplementary firm names are running the national federation status in Finland for strength events (Finnish Heavy Events Association) and for pole fitness (Finnish Pole Fitness Federation), grip sport (Armlifting Finland) and for Tug of war (Finnish Tug of war federation)..

If you are willing to start WHEA actions in your country, please do not hesitate to contact the Chairman Jyrki Rantanen.  We support national federations with knowledge, information and contacts to start running doping-tested strength events.

WHEA is a member of Finnish Olympic Committee.

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